Friday, May 7, 2010

Ean's Room Part 2

Well I finally got his room done!!! I love how it turned out. THIS is what his room used to look like. He's getting to be a big boy now so I had to update it. If you remember I bought the furniture at yard sales and on craigslist ( I am soooo addicted to that site!!) and THIS is what it looked like before.....and now....the after!

I think I want a new rug!
I painted all the furniture black and made his quilt and curtains.

that dust ruffle kills me everytime I see about a pimped out toddler bed! I patchworked his blanket and lined it with super soft minky fabric.

these are the curtains I made

and remember was that blue thing I got for 15 dollars at a yard sale. A little paint and and a little curtain and it holds his books and pullups and wipes and anything else. (if you do something like this please be sure to secure it to the wall so it will not fall over!)

heres a little close up of it

and this is the dresser I got for $15

a room fit for a king....dont ya think?
                                                            Ean does!

♥ Christina


Laurie said...

Definitely fit for a king! What a great job, and I love the black furniture, you did good work!!

Sue said...

Beautiful job. I especially like the curtains and dust ruffle! You did a really nice job redoing the bureau. I'll e-mail you about how to do that.