Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mothers Day and a thought on Motherhood!

I read this article this morning and totally agree with it. I think we as women need to start standing up for ourselves and demanding respect from the male society. Its time to have "ladies" and "gentlemen" back!

   this was written by a Jessica Mary Buck for the York Daily Record

This column is about motherhood, or the lack of it. You may bristle at my frank comments, but they are long past due.

In the York area it seems that more toddlers are beaten to death by their mothers' boyfriends annually than those who die from other causes. The scenario is painfully similar: The baby is usually illegitimate and the father is probably in jail. The mother lives with an unemployed boyfriend, mooching off her meager welfare benefits. Sometimes the mother works and trusts this lowlife to babysit. Having no interest in the child, and indeed harboring primordial resentment toward the offspring of another male, this subhuman savagely mistreats the baby, killing her or maiming her for life.
I lay the blame for these atrocities solely at the feet of the women! How does a woman become so decadent that she would live with a man who would abuse and kill her child? A mother's protective instincts once were considered so basic that if she killed her own child, she would definitely be declared insane. The Zapruder films of the 1963 Kennedy assassination were startling in that when shots rang out, women could be seen instinctively throwing their children to the ground and covering them with their own bodies. New mothers have often told me, "I would gladly lay down my life for my baby, in an instant."

Historically women have been the keepers of civilization. Even our Wild West would never have been settled if not for women moving out there and laying down new rules

-- "You're going to stop shooting each other in the streets! We're going to have law and order! You're going to build schools and churches, and this town is going to be made safe for raising children!"

In the 1950s, when I was a young girl, it was a whole different world. There was an unspoken undercurrent that permeated every girl's existence -- unspoken but blaringly clear. Your whole youth was a prelude to the fact that you would some day bring children into the world, and they would need a secure home. You had to be a "good girl" and guard your "reputation" because if it became soiled, no "decent man" would want you (read that "from a good family, educated, destined-to-be-successful"), and you needed this setting to insure your children's security. A good girl was not expected to have premarital sex, and the accepted package deal was marriage, mortgage and children. However, a girl who became "soiled goods" usually had to settle for a ne'er-do-well with no future.

Running around in our starched crinolines and white gloves, most girls were virtual pillars of self-respect, and the guys not only respected us, they seemed to place all women on a pedestal. I remember an incident when some boys beat up another boy, and when I asked why they had done so, the reply was, "That stupid idiot -- he said the 'F-word' right in front of the girls!"

This middle-class morality prevailed throughout society, including all races and economic levels. Men found jobs, couples got married and established intact, two-parent homes. If an engaged couple "got into trouble," they simply moved up their wedding date. There was very little illegitimacy, and with a strong father in the home, there was minimal serious juvenile crime. The 1950s era wasn't "Mayberry USA," but it was darned close.

If you want to destroy a culture, you only need to corrupt one group of people -- the young women. Although women maintained societal order for decades, future generations were negligent.

Throughout the late 1960s and '70s girls were sold a "bill of goods" and made to believe that they could engage in a sexual free-for-all, just like the boys did. Running around in torn jeans and spewing the " F-word" in every sentence, these girls subverted their own biological purpose and needs, and then abortion on demand further demeaned and exploited them. It was the New Morality.

The guys, having no sense of respect or responsibility, simply stopped marrying the girls. This led to a huge increase in illegitimacy when the only choice for these now-aging women was to be a "single mom" or miss out on motherhood altogether. Rather than holding men accountable, the welfare system stepped in and became the enabler of this scenario, leading to the subsequent total breakdown of the orderly previous culture.

The attitude of some men today is, "If you love me, you'll have my baby," and the girlfriends fall for it. Women need to adopt a new attitude, "No! If you love me, you'll get a job, marry me and make a real home for a baby." No woman should settle for illegitimacy and poverty for her children!

I believe that societal order can be restored if women will regain their self-respect, demand accountability from men, and see that every child is born into a secure, safe home. This responsibility lies directly with today's young women. The men aren't going to change until the women do.


Sue said...

AMEN and AMEN, again!
Happy Mother's Day to a wonderful mommy and beautiful woman!

Dayna said...

I love this article! Of course, I think as women, we've learned how to stand up for ourselves. It's just that we've done it in the way that the writer mentioned -- being immodest and spewing the "F" word. We need to be real ladies. I tell my girls to "be the kind of person you want to attract". So, if they want gentlemen, they must be ladies.

Thanks so much for sharing this!

Laurie said...

WOW!! My sister and I have talked about this exact thing, and here it is in print. Do you mind if I copy and paste this in an e-mail? I agree 100%! thanks for printing this great article.

em's scrapbag said...

This is so true. Women set the standards for society. And only when they realize the power they have and how to use that will our society improve. Thanks for sharing this great article.

Michelle said...

I came to read your "sew and tell" post, but this absolutely amazed me. I'm definitely going to have my daughter read it.