Monday, June 30, 2008

Celtic Games

We went to the Celtic Fling on Saturday at the Pennsylvania Renaissance Fair. It was sooo much fun! The band Albannach was there, they are absolutely amazing. Go to their site and listen to wont regret it.

We got to watch some of the Highlander Games... The boys got to dress up and fight each other with swords. Do you think they had fun?

Sorry the video is so crappy, it was off my phone.

We then went to this great little ice cream shop called Jiggers in Mt. Gretna.

The boys loved the atmosphere, and of course the ice cream.

This was was a root beer float...yummmm!

And ladies please don't be jealous of where we went next...I know it is every woman's dream to go there, and I DID think of you all as I went in...................

can you smell it? and last but not least.....MY two little chocolate workers!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Aaaahhhh, Summer

Dont you just love summer? I do! I love having the boys home and getting to hang out and do all kinds of fun stuff. Like.....Pool Parties at my house....

and going to the zoo....
and going to the beach....

and of course, lots and lots of ice cream!

and all the funny faces I miss when they are in school!
What a wonderful summer so far!
ps:listen to the song "He's Alive" on my playlist. Its one of my favorites.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Busy , Busy Bee

I have been BUSY! I painted a darker color around my windows ( after scrapping off the old stuff first...ugh) I painted stars on my pots. I made cushions for my rockers. My husband hooked up our new walkway lights. We have matching ones for the front door but didnt get to them yet.
I planted flowers including a new clematis since I killed the last one. Look mom...I didnt kill the roses yet!

I put out a new welcome mat for Sue and Cheryl!
I also got frames and framed my boys artwork for the computer room.

And FINALLY I've been enjoying this little guy......

OOOH...I just love him!!!

babies and graduation

My nephew graduated on Monday....and I cried like the
baby I am! Thats my very proud sister with her boy.

How do they grow so quickly? niece had her junior prom

I did her hair and makeup. Although I have to say, with someone this beautiful how can you go wrong?
My boys absolutely ADORE!!! her. My middle son keeps telling me he is going to marry