Wednesday, March 31, 2010

New Product Love!

Check this out....its a new program that allows you to take a "snap shot" of something on a computer and put it on your blog!!!  Gotta love ANYTHING that makes it easier.   Take a look.......

SnapIt Screen Capture

Capture anything you see on your PC screen! Don't waste time cropping your captures. Take a "snapshot" of anything exactly what you need, with just a click. Irreplaceable tool for Bloggers, Designers, Office Workers, Business People, Analysts, Technical Writers who have to describe interfaces, menus, buttons, etc.

LOVE IT!!!!!

A busy March

Whewww, last month was so busy for me and it doesnt look like the next 2 will be any calmer. Oh, well....makes life fun. So heres what I've been up to..............I did a craft show in the middle of March and did very well! I am very fortunate that my gorgeous best friend makes THE MOST amazing jewelry ever and go's to the same shows as me. It so helps to pass the time!

Here she is setting up......

All done....she seriously does amazing work!

Here was my side.  I didnt realize I got her butt in the photo....oops!
Also what I've been up to.....LOTS of sewing!

My cousin has 3 little girls.....unfortunately I have never met them. If they look anything like their momma then they are most likely beautiful to boot! She wanted bags for each of them and one for her for Easter. All matching. So this is what I came up with....I made each of the girls a little different.

This one has black binding and a black ribbon and zipper

White binding, zipper and a floral bow
blue binding, zipper and polka dot bow
and for the momma.....a combination of all 3....with pink binding and pink zipper and bow
I have done a ton more sewing.....if you want to see any of it go check out my Etsy shop.  Happy Easter!

♥ Christina

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Beautiful gifts!

Things have been so crazy around here the past week. Kids are sick, husband is sick, I am sick! Is it summer yet? I also have a craft show this friday that between the sickness,  I have been trying to sew for. I think I am going to have enough done but.....why do I feel like I dont! Anyway, I had to take time to do this quick post to tell you about this wonderful swap I did. Sue from Berkshire Cottage has this amazingly beautiful daughter who knits. She made her mom a pair of fingerless gloves and Sue posted about them. I loved them! So I proposed a swap. Something from my store for the gloves. Well I got the goves friday and can I tell you how much I love them!!!! They are simply stunning. I had to work all weekend and of course I had to show them of to all the girls. NO ONE could believe that a young girl had made them. They look so profesional. I seriously wear them all the time. I think I may have to buy another pair from her....the ones I got are so super soft in black....I think I want another color. Kaleigh, you are such a beautiful, talented young lady!!!! I mailed your "thing" out today so I just hope you love it as much as I love the gloves!!!

♥ ya


Friday, March 5, 2010

Amys Sew and Tell Friday

Well its that time again....time to show off what we did this week. Here was my week workload.  As soon as my boys leave for school me and the little man head downstairs to the sewing factory. My husband (bless his heart) created a whole play area for the little guy so he plays and I sew. Sometimes I play and he tries to sew! I have a couple of craft shows coming up and I am trying like crazy to get my stock back up. I also want to update my Etsy by the end of the month. We'll see how that goes! 

This was a custom order laptop bag for my cousin. We both fell in love with the owl print. So sweet!
the straps are adjustable and its huge!!! 17x15
a back zip pocket never hurt anyone!

this bag will be listed in my shop hopefully soon. I absolutely love orange....makes me want summer!

magnetic snap closure with a interior zip pocket
on the other side are 3 slip pockets. Its also a bigger bag... 15x15

here it is in a turquoisey blue color, I am so loving these colors!!!

I also got 2 messenger bags done. I seriousley ♥ that red chandelier print.

the strap is completely adjustable and removable
I started making this style of bag because I adore them!!!! So easy to use and it literally can carry everything. I put a wipes case and 2 pullups in mine when I go out with my 2 year old. I dont need the big diaper bag anymore and this works just great! Plus I put in 4 pockets for your ID and Mac cards.

another beautiful Amy Butler print.
and thats it. Phewwww. I have 2 more messenger bags cut out. Ones purple with turquoise highlights and the other is a blue/teal with lime green highlights. If I can get them done this morning (you know the saying about best laid plans right?) I will post them later on in the day!  Thanks for stopping by!

ps: I do custom work! lol

♥ Christina

pss: everybag but the laptop is for sale!!

Psssss...I got the other 2 done!

                                               cant decide which I like better.....this one or................

this one!! Do you see now why I sew? I love it all!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I want to be here! I want to make whoever is under the umbrella get out of my spot!!! (sigh) I can just imagine.....