Saturday, April 26, 2008

bags i made

i put photos on of all the bags that I've made so far. 6 down 12 more to go.....

waiting on a tuturiol

for those of you waiting for the tutorials, i'm sorry. i gave my tuts to a friend to check out and she could not make heads or tails of what i was saying. soooo, back to the drawing board. i didnt realize how hard this was. i think im just going to make patterns and scan them in, i think that would be easier than trying to tell all the sizes to cut. hopefully it would make it easier to understand at least. back to work...................

Friday, April 18, 2008


ok, ive said it before but (drumroll please) I will be puting up some tutorials this weekend. I finally had the chance to sit down and take pics of all the different steps and finally got a few good ones together. I have one for a bag, a wallet, and the rag rugs. I cant wait to put them up and see what everyone thinks!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

bags! bags! bags!

ok, for all of you that thought i was not (i have the gift for stating the obvious dont i) i have just been busy..i got 18 (yes thats right) orders for my bags!!!! i love it but heres the thing, maybe this doesnt happen to everyone but why is it when i make something for myself it always comes out nice, corners match up and the whole nine yards. But the MINUTE i try to make something for someone it all goes to pot. i cannot tell you how many stitches i have ripped out over the last 3 days trying to make these bags. And im not happy with the end product because i see all the flaws. im trying to think logically and look at them as someone who has bought them and not sewed them, because they wont know where i ripped the stitches or measured wrong, but it is sooooo hard!! i would love to know if this is just me or do others feel the same about the things they make and the way the tutorials ARE coming....its just a matter of when! well back to the sewing machine, 3 down 15 more to go...:>

Sunday, April 6, 2008

new layout

okay i tried to add a little zest to my blog by putting a layout on it. as i am really computer dumb(yes i am!) i gave up and used one of the pre-made blogger types. i dont think its too bad, but its not exactly what i wanted either. i am going today to buy a new printer that has scanner capabilities. i have tried to put up some of my tutorials and can not put on the pattern pieces because i have no way of scanning them in. soon as i go get it, they will be on here. i hope!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


you know, it is so nice to log on and see comments from others on here. It just made my day. I love the idea of networking and branching never know who your gonna meet and what you can bring to each other. the only thing i dont like is not being able to put a face to someone i talk to. my imagination can go overboard at times. i hate when you talk to someone and you get an idea of what they look like and then when you see them they look nothing like it. so i will go is a pic of me...dont laugh!

I was eight month pregnant in this pic (with my honey) I wish i could say i was skinnier now...i cant. And whats really sad is I can no longer blame the belly on baby, sigh! oh well, long live chocolate!!!

wed april 2

I love the internet...I could spend hours looking around at everything. I found some beautiful ideas out there that I would love to try...I need to go get more material ( is there ever enough ) and start on some of em'. Well all boys are hungry...til later