Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A New Adventure!

So another year is here. Wow...thought the world was gonna I'm glad it didn't as I have so many plans for this year. First off I thought I would show you what my Christmas gifts to family were. Of course it was something handmade...I mean...that is how I roll..

I quilted these gorgeous table runners for my husbands family. Each of the stars are fabric folded and thus with all the oomph to it, it makes it a pot holder. So each of the table runners have 3 pot holders sewn into them. This was one of my sister-n-laws

You can see the star up close here. I absolutely love how these turned out.

 Here is the one for my mother-n-law.
 Love the pink/blue/grey combo
 and here is my other sister-n-laws. Yellow and grey is so gorgeous together!
 An up close look at this star.
 Here is the ONE picture I took of a back to show the quilting.

this one I made using leftover scrap fabric. I made this for my cousin

I think this is my most favorite one. Something about the colors just appeals to me.

So a lot of sewing was done in the month of December. I like to wait til the last minute just to pressure myself (NOT)

 I also managed to find time to make my Christmas cards. I love this pic....the boys and I were laughing the entire time we were doing this. Brogans face cracks me up every time I see it
Now for some exciting news. My new venture this year with BumbleBee Bagz is to now offer patterns of all the bags I make!!!! If you love to sew and want to make something yourself you will have to check them out. They will be extremely detailed with step by step photos to help you along! I am so excited to teach everyone all the little tips and tricks I have learned. There will basic patterns to very difficult patterns so you can start slow and learn as you go! My goal is to have the first set of patterns ready by the first of February. I cant wait!