Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Dying Swan

This year my husband got me the best Christmas present ever!!!! Two tickets to see the Russian Ballet perform Swan Lake at the Strand Capitol Theatre! It has been a dream of mine to go see this ballet since I was about 7. When we lived in Saudia Arabia a friend of my mothers went to Russia and the ACTUAL Russian ballet. They saw Swan Lake and (gasp) secretly videotaped it. They came over one night and we all watched it together and I was hooked. The beauty of the ballerina and the heartbreaking story went straight to my heart and stayed there.  I will never forget watching the main ballerina (Maya Plisetskays) and being taken with her amazing beauty and grace. When she fluttered her arms you could see the Swan coming out!

As a girl the story of Swan Lake....a handsome prince who falls in love with a beautiful princess who is bewitched by an evil sorcerer..captivated me. I prayed to find a love like that. Well dreams do come true....because next Wednesday I am going with MY prince to see this amazing ballet!!!