Monday, February 27, 2012

Have your cake and eat it too!!

Chocolate cake...the absolute death of  me.  I love it! Could eat it all day long! In my house I am the only one with a sweet tooth. My boys and husband like salty things...chips do not last long around here. But I like my sweets. Especially chocolate cake. The biggest problem with that is if I make a typical cake no one will eat it but me..and I end up eating the whole thing. Not good! While perusing the Internet one day I came across this recipe...and fell in love!!!! I cannot begin to tell you how good this is! And it is less than 25 calories a serving!  So here is the best cake recipe ever...

 1 box of Chocolate Sugar Free cake mix ( or use whatever flavor you love)  
1 box of Angel Food cake mix

you need an empty Tupperware container that you can seal..

mix the two cake powders and dump into your container

That's it!! Now for a fabulous piece of cake you take 
3 Tablespoons of cake mix
2 Tablespoons of water 
Mix it in a coffee mug and.....................

Microwave for 1 minute and you have a perfect single piece of cake!!!! 

I promise you will love tastes so good. I love to put sliced bananas and sugar free cool whip on top of mine. At less than 25 calories I can have a piece of cake a day! I also love that you can store the powder in your pantry. 

Try it!!!!

♥ Christina