Sunday, June 28, 2009

OMG! Look what I did!

I am so excited. I just redid my room and I LOVE IT!!!!! If you remember this is what my room looked like and this is what I wanted to do to it. I just didn't want to spend a crazy amount of money on it. The bed that I liked was $600 alone. So I just kinda put it aside and dreamed about it. BUT......then I was perusing Craigslist (can I say how much I love that site) and I found a bed for sale. Not just any bed, but a beautiful black 4 poster bed. The best part was the ready for this...$65.00 dollars. That's it! So that started the whole venture for me, and the results are EXACTLY what I wanted. Take a look for yourself ...........

this is the view walking into my room
and tada! The Bed! Oh lordy ain't she a beaut!

Every time I look at this pic I'm in awe. $65.00 dollars for the bed and if you remember the bedspread was only $23.97. So for less than $90.00 dollars this is what I got!

this sign above the bed says "Always kiss me goodnight"

this is my dresser. I love stars if you cant tell already

the curtain star tiebacks I got for $1.00 each.

next is a new TV. Wish I could find a 37" flat screen on Craigslist.

my closet with more of the $1.00 star tiebacks

I bought these lamp shades at Target for $7.00 and hot glued fringe on them. Too cute.

this is the hallway between my room and Eans

and this is the stairway down as you leave our rooms....and that is where the tour ends. I hope you love my room as much as I do.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Woe is me!

Well the diaper bag was a hit. As a matter of fact it was a huge hit. I have been given an amazing oppurtunity to create something new and exciting. I'm not gonna say what yet. I still have to figure out the pattern...and can I say what a @#%%*! IF and I do mean IF I can pull this off it will be HUGE to me. This pattern is testing every sewing skill that I thought I had and then some. So please put out a prayer that I get it figured out and if I do.....I'll tell ya what its all about!


Thursday, June 11, 2009

A bag for a baby girl

I love baby showers.....I especially love "girl" baby showers. As a mom to 3 boys it is sooo much fun to make things for girls. I get to use pink (I've tried to use it for my boys but for some reason they wont go for it ....go figure) and I can put bows and all kinds of cool things on whatever I am making. Sometimes I go a little crazy. Case in husbands cousins (got that) baby shower. I know her...but not really well, but that still did not stop me from going overboard for her shower. I couldn't help it..she's having a girl. I have been envisioning this bag since I saw Tina Givens material. So I made it for her.It has two front pockets and 4 interior pockets. Plus I put a zippered pocket on the back of the bag.
I love the contrast between the front and the back.

the whole reason I made this bag was for the sides. I knew I wanted this material and I knew I wanted the birds to go down the side. I love it and I love the bows. They go through metal grommets...if you zoom in you might see it closer.

and then I made her bibs. I love, love, love the bow one. If only Ean would let me put it on him (let me rephrase that...if only my husband would let me put it on him) Oh! how sweet!
Then I made custom burp cloths. I see these all over the web and had to try and make some. Can you say SUPER EASY!!!!
I even used my new embroidery machine on 3 of them. They look so pretty. I may have to do some wash cloths or something for me.
Here they are all rolled up and ready to go.
finally I made her a key chain. I absolutely love these. I use one EVERY DAY!!!! They are soooo just slip it over your wrist and you don't have to try and dig keys out of your bag while holding a wriggly baby. Just Awesome!
and at last.....its all packaged up with a bow. I hope she likes everything as much as I did making it. OOOOH I need a girl (yes I love my the moon and back....but I still want a girl)!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I Did It!!!!

Well I did my first 5k (that's 3.2 miles folks) and I am still so excited about it. I ran the WHOLE DAMN thing!!!!! Never in a million years would I have thought I would do something like this. It really was alot of fun. I can see why people do alot of these. As a matter of fact I am doing another 5k in July and in October I am doing a 10k ( 6.4 miles ) down in Washington, Dc. Its for the Marine Corp and the boys will be doing a 1 mile fun run with the Marines. It sounds like sooo much fun. They also do a marathon. Check it out it looks like alot of fun. If anyone lives around the area and wants to participate let me know we can hook up and do it together. This is my running buddy Sandy. She finished in 34 minutes and I forget how many seconds. She was smoking hot! I finished in 39 minutes and 41 seconds. I still cant believe I did it.
I came in 154th. I think there were about 200 runners. Honestly.....I'm just super happy I wasn't last!
My niece came up to spend the weekend with us. She brought the exchange student that has been living with them, she is from Germany. We took them all down to Baltimore Inner Harbor. If you haven't ever been there you should go. It is so beautiful and so much fun.
My boys loved Lena. They are HUGE WWII fans and kept asking her about Germans and Nazis and does her family say "hail Hitler." I had to pull them aside a couple of times and have a "talk" thank goodness she thought they were funny and took no offense.

I love this pic of my niece and I. She graduates this Friday. I don't know how I'm going to make it through the day!

and last but certainly not least......a pic of the badness himself. He is getting sooo big, so quickly. Its not fair that they grow up so fast.