Wednesday, September 14, 2011

An Award!

I am so excited to announce that I have won an "Editors Choice" award for having a creative and crafty blog. Lewis editor at Craft Corners, which is part of’s blogging network saw my site and liked it. Craft Corners is a great website for crafters of any level. They have some amazing tutorials and posts. My favorite is a DIY Magazine Storage Holder

I mean seriously....aren't these just amazing!?!! They actually show you how to do it if I need any more! I cant wait to make some!

I also love, love, love the post about Organizing Your Craft Room!

WOW!!! I wish she would come to my house and organize my craft area...ya'll don't even want to see the messes I create!

Once again I want to thank Craft Corners for thinking my stuff is cool enough for them! Go check out their wont be disappointed!!

♥ Christina

Crazy, Busy Summer!

This summer has gone by so fast! I blinked only once...and...poof gone! We did so much this summer..both in and around the house. I will post more on those later. I was also crazy busy with my sewing. Though I do have to say having all 3 boys home was not very conducive to staying on a schedule. Not to mention the fact that I thought it was a brilliant idea to get a dog (thought being the key word here) all boys need a good dog I thought. So we got a German Shepherd. On top of all 3 boys at home..keeping my house cleaned...running my business..and working part time....I knew very quickly that I had completely lost my mind!~

We celebrated my husbands 40th birthday...that will be a post in itself...the cake was epic!!! Brogan turned 10..Ean turned 4 and I'm just feeling old! lol between all the madness I had time to create some new bag patterns...

this one with a clasp closure, two huge front pockets, a big back zip pocket and 5 interior pockets

This was a custom order diaper bag. I was allowed to do what I want in terms of styling. I thought this one came out super adorable. I am in love with silver rivets....they add just the right amount of oomph to a bag!

this was another custom order...again I was allowed to do "whatever" in terms of styling. This is a huge bag..two front snap pockets, a huge back pocket for magazines, two side pockets for water bottles, 7 interior pockets, and it all zips closed under the flap.

and finally my BusyBee Wallet. I have made variations of this for awhile now..they are always a hit. I carry mine with my EVERYWHERE!!  It has a back flap that when you open....
is a cell phone holder! 

on the other side is a cute snapped...... 

WALLET!!! 3 credit card slots and a zip coin slot.  Everything you need all in one place!

I have so much more to will take me awhile to get caught up...from Daryl's my laundry room the MOST ADORABLE swap I did with Trisha.  Stay tuned for it all.....