Tuesday, December 15, 2009

New York part 2

Well New York was absolutely fabulous!!! Crazy traffic but just amazing to walk around and look at everything. I had the best time and I went to Mood!!!

can I just say how awesome this place is!!!! They have everything from buttons to buckles to a whole wall of ribbon and trim.....a sew'rs heaven!

just look at all that fabric! I also got to see where they filmed Project Runway. Parsons School of Design. There were dress forms in all the windows...too cool!

the only bad point.....the cost. We went out for dinner and my meal was 37.oo dollars. JUST FOR ME!! Now I know for some of you that may not be alot, but for where I live it is. We usually spend that for our family of 5 when we eat out. What cost the most? My 11 DOLLAR drink.

didnt know that til the bill came.  Oh well, all in all it was a fabulous day!

Friday, December 11, 2009

New York State of Mind!

As you all know (from an earlier post) I am going on my first ever bus trip to NY this Saturday (can I say again how excited I am) so I decided to make a little messenger bag to take along. I didnt want to lug around my big ole' bag. You know....the mommy one....the one that holds EVERYTHING but the kitchen sink, though some days by how heavy it is I think its in there too! So this is what I came up with....my new messenger bag pattern.

it has a magnetic snap closure flap and its cute, cute, cute
(if I do say so myself)

a nice long handle so it can fit across the chest comfortabley

and my favorite......lots of pockets to hold all the essentials. I put in pockets just for my drivers license (can I say that I hate the fact that blogger no longer has a spell check on here...I just had to google license to see if I spelled it right) and credit cards so I dont even have to carry a wallet and it has two bigger pockets for my cell phone and camera.

so what do ya think?

Thursday, December 10, 2009

My Beautiful Boys!

I often find myself shocked that these beautiful, perfect (maybe not all the time) boys came from me. I have no greater blessings in my life than these!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Oh, the way it was!

For the past week and a half we have had a wonderful nightly routine. I make sure all my sewing is done..the dishes are done, the little one is in bed and then my two older boys and I watch a movie. Not just any movie....but North and South. I absolutely fell in love with this series the very first time that I saw it, and I am sooo happy to say that my boys love it just as much as me!

has any of you ever watched this? If there were ever a time that I loved it was the Old South. (let me start off by saying I am totally against the slavery that went on) the dresses and the balls, but most of all the Honor! Gentlemen were bred to BE gentlemen. They had honor and dignity. They fought for what they believed in, and heaven forbid if you insulted them or their families.  Do you remember the duels fought over women's honor?

What a time. Now-a-days its hard to find many with honor. People are rude and selfish and just plain gossipy. The whole notion of a "gentleman" has gone out the window. Just yesterday I was flipped off by an OLDER  man in his car. All while I had 3 kids in mine. Nice, nice to know that respect is still out there. This is the same person who will then complain about the "younger generation not having any respect"  I miss the old days. When people went to church, when they had empathy and compassion and when most of all the men had RESPECT  for women. As a mother of 3 boys I hope to instill manners in them.

Not just the "please and thank you's" but real manners. Like..ALWAYS hold the door for a lady, NEVER disparage a women's character, ALWAYS be attentive to her needs and thoughts and ideas, work HARD and SUPPORT your family, ALWAYS be true to your word, but most of all......live with Honor and Dignity!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

I'm going on a trip

Next Saturday I'm going to good ole' NYC. I am so damn excited. I have NEVER been there. I've been at the airport more than a few times but never downtown NY.  The VERY FIRST place I want to go is.........

this is THE fabric store of Project Runway (my all time favorite show).  Maybe....just maybe Tim Gunn will be there!

and of course I want my picture taken with him. JUST BECAUSE!!!!!
Did I say how excited I was? Anyone else have some ideas of great places to visit in NY!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

I bought myself something...

I was on Etsy the other night, just looking around when all of a sudden "BAM"  I saw it. The most beautifulest (is this a word?) necklace EVER!!!!!  So I bought it (well ok actually ordered is more like it) just like that. No thinking, no waiting...just a fast click of the mouse and it's mine........take a look

obviously mine will have 3 discs and they will have MY boys names on them, but isn't it just awesome!!! I soooo cannot wait to get it! It's by Wisegal Designs. Go check her out.....you may find your own to die for necklace!

Friday, December 4, 2009

these are a few of my favorite things.....

Gloria Jeans Sleigh Ride! a wonderful chocolate coffee peppermint mix....in a milkshake style.....YUMMY!

Noel Scent from Bath and Body...a sweet warm sugar smell. Simply devine!  They only come out with this at Christmas so stock up!

Candy Canes............no explanation needed!

Real Ugg boots....dont own a pair...but oh, I soooo want too. Put one foot in this baby and you will see why!

Stockings all hung by the chimney with care (hand sewn by me of course)

O' Christmas Tree how beautiful are you!

the real meaning of Christmas!

and last but not least......snuggling with my boys in front of a fire and watching all the Christmas movies!

so what are some of YOUR favorite things?

Thursday, December 3, 2009


Shhhhh!.......can ya hear it? The excited whispers of the kids, the frustrated sighs of the parents. The kaachinnng of the cash registers.....the loneliness of the empty wallet. Trees and tinsel and cookies and pies......

Yep......its CHRISTMAS TIME!!!!!!