Thursday, June 11, 2009

A bag for a baby girl

I love baby showers.....I especially love "girl" baby showers. As a mom to 3 boys it is sooo much fun to make things for girls. I get to use pink (I've tried to use it for my boys but for some reason they wont go for it ....go figure) and I can put bows and all kinds of cool things on whatever I am making. Sometimes I go a little crazy. Case in husbands cousins (got that) baby shower. I know her...but not really well, but that still did not stop me from going overboard for her shower. I couldn't help it..she's having a girl. I have been envisioning this bag since I saw Tina Givens material. So I made it for her.It has two front pockets and 4 interior pockets. Plus I put a zippered pocket on the back of the bag.
I love the contrast between the front and the back.

the whole reason I made this bag was for the sides. I knew I wanted this material and I knew I wanted the birds to go down the side. I love it and I love the bows. They go through metal grommets...if you zoom in you might see it closer.

and then I made her bibs. I love, love, love the bow one. If only Ean would let me put it on him (let me rephrase that...if only my husband would let me put it on him) Oh! how sweet!
Then I made custom burp cloths. I see these all over the web and had to try and make some. Can you say SUPER EASY!!!!
I even used my new embroidery machine on 3 of them. They look so pretty. I may have to do some wash cloths or something for me.
Here they are all rolled up and ready to go.
finally I made her a key chain. I absolutely love these. I use one EVERY DAY!!!! They are soooo just slip it over your wrist and you don't have to try and dig keys out of your bag while holding a wriggly baby. Just Awesome!
and at last.....its all packaged up with a bow. I hope she likes everything as much as I did making it. OOOOH I need a girl (yes I love my the moon and back....but I still want a girl)!


amylouwhosews said...

SO cute! I love how you used the birds down the side! I just bought this fabric to do a summer blanket for my daughter - it's delicious!

Cheryl said...

I love your bags. You always have the most fabulous material combos. I love this diaper bag...and my kids aren't babies anymore. I am sure she'lll love it and all the goodies you put inside.

trisha too said...

that is the BEST shower gift EVER!!

(AND, just so you know, i LOVE the keychain wrist thing that came with the bag you made!)

Sue said...

Adorable! She'll love all you made her. Oh, and don't forget the 'advice' I gave you!