Thursday, June 18, 2009

Woe is me!

Well the diaper bag was a hit. As a matter of fact it was a huge hit. I have been given an amazing oppurtunity to create something new and exciting. I'm not gonna say what yet. I still have to figure out the pattern...and can I say what a @#%%*! IF and I do mean IF I can pull this off it will be HUGE to me. This pattern is testing every sewing skill that I thought I had and then some. So please put out a prayer that I get it figured out and if I do.....I'll tell ya what its all about!



amylouwhosews said...

I'm thoroughly intrigued!

I'm doing some custom bedding for someone and it's intimidating too!

Sue said...

Wow, sounds BIG! I have lots of confidence in ya... whatever sewing challenge it is, I think you have it in you. Your skills are unsurpassed! Go get 'em!

trisha too said...

well, i am NOT surprised it was a hit, it's a wonderful bag.

making progress? you can definitely do it!