Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I Did It!!!!

Well I did my first 5k (that's 3.2 miles folks) and I am still so excited about it. I ran the WHOLE DAMN thing!!!!! Never in a million years would I have thought I would do something like this. It really was alot of fun. I can see why people do alot of these. As a matter of fact I am doing another 5k in July and in October I am doing a 10k ( 6.4 miles ) down in Washington, Dc. Its for the Marine Corp and the boys will be doing a 1 mile fun run with the Marines. It sounds like sooo much fun. They also do a marathon. Check it out it looks like alot of fun. If anyone lives around the area and wants to participate let me know we can hook up and do it together. This is my running buddy Sandy. She finished in 34 minutes and I forget how many seconds. She was smoking hot! I finished in 39 minutes and 41 seconds. I still cant believe I did it.
I came in 154th. I think there were about 200 runners. Honestly.....I'm just super happy I wasn't last!
My niece came up to spend the weekend with us. She brought the exchange student that has been living with them, she is from Germany. We took them all down to Baltimore Inner Harbor. If you haven't ever been there you should go. It is so beautiful and so much fun.
My boys loved Lena. They are HUGE WWII fans and kept asking her about Germans and Nazis and does her family say "hail Hitler." I had to pull them aside a couple of times and have a "talk" thank goodness she thought they were funny and took no offense.

I love this pic of my niece and I. She graduates this Friday. I don't know how I'm going to make it through the day!

and last but certainly not least......a pic of the badness himself. He is getting sooo big, so quickly. Its not fair that they grow up so fast.


Tipper said...

Wow I'm impressed! I can't even runt to the mailbox and back! Congrats!! Sounds like you and yours are having some fun for sure. I love WWII history too!

Sue said...

Wow, good for you! You go girl!!!

http://quiltingmemoriesfortomorrow.blogspot.com said...

doesn't it feel good to be able to have finished? I ran a 5K for the first time a couple of years ago in Chicago for cancer. It was the absolute most exhilirating run ever. Seeing the sea of pink (survivors were wearing pink t-shirts)absolutely brought tears to my eyes and made me want to cross the finish line all the more.
Good luck on your next 5K!

amylouwhosews said...

Way to go!!! It's so exhilarating running with a bunch of other people!

My brother is running the Marine Corps Marathon. It's an awesome race that ends up by the Iwo Jima Memorial. I've been contemplating helping him in on the last 6 miles. But that would mean I'd have to be in shape to do it!

I forget that you aren't that far from me - we're south of DC...

trisha too said...

that's wonderful, congratulations!

(your little guy IS getting big,
what a doll!)