Saturday, April 26, 2008

bags i made

i put photos on of all the bags that I've made so far. 6 down 12 more to go.....


Madeleine said...


Are you kidding me???? Did you make those bags?????


I only buy Vera Bradley bags, because I love them. I am a BIG fan of material bags. I cannot believe you MADE THEM!!!!

I stand amazed.

They are beautiful. And may I say, totally comparable to VBs.

Sue said...

Geez, Louise...those bags are beautiful! Your choice of fabric and design are so snappy! Keep goin' girl... I think you've got a winner!

Jennifer said...

what beautiful bags!! I'm not quite beefed up on my sewing skills yet to get *that* good, but my goodness, you are inspiring!

thanks for stopping by my blog! hope to "see" you around again soon :o) I'll definitely be popping in again!

by the way, your three boys are precious! I just loved looking at all your pictures you posted within the past couple of months!

Have a great week!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Great bags. I totally love Christa's moms bag and wallet. Your fabric combos are fabulous. So many different styles. You are doing a great job with your order.