Tuesday, April 15, 2008

bags! bags! bags!

ok, for all of you that thought i was dead...im not (i have the gift for stating the obvious dont i) i have just been busy..i got 18 (yes thats right) orders for my bags!!!! i love it but heres the thing, maybe this doesnt happen to everyone but why is it when i make something for myself it always comes out nice, corners match up and the whole nine yards. But the MINUTE i try to make something for someone it all goes to pot. i cannot tell you how many stitches i have ripped out over the last 3 days trying to make these bags. And im not happy with the end product because i see all the flaws. im trying to think logically and look at them as someone who has bought them and not sewed them, because they wont know where i ripped the stitches or measured wrong, but it is sooooo hard!! i would love to know if this is just me or do others feel the same about the things they make and sell.....by the way the tutorials ARE coming....its just a matter of when! well back to the sewing machine, 3 down 15 more to go...:>

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Madeleine said...

What kind of bags are you making? Did I miss something??

I can totally understand about ripping stitches out. There are projects, where I NEveR have to rip one single stitch out. Then there are projects that I never finish because I just had had it with taking it apart. Again. lol.

I just bought my daughter a simple sewing machine. To start making things for herself. :)