Saturday, June 25, 2011

I L.O.V.E Craigslist!

You know they say one man's trash is another man's true that is!!! If you know me then you know that half my house is decorated with craiglist finds. I will NEVER pay retail for another piece of furniture again (ok other than a sofa...don't like old used cushions...or mattresses...ugh!) Part of the thrill is the hunt that starts with an idea. I wanted something for my basement that would hold games and toys and the little TV that we have down there. Something that would make it nice for Ean since we spend alot of time there. Here is the room before...

did I mention we have ALOT of toys and games. Its totally ridiculous how much these kids have...we even donate old stuff every year!!

 and it always looks messy!

So off to the wonderful world of craigslist I took about a week to find what I wanted at the price I wanted. Voil'a!~  A 3 piece entertainment center for (drumroll please) $45.00 DOLLARS! Ooh yeah baby!

Here are the towers before

 and the middle entertainment part before.

 I knew I wanted to paint these so I put the boys to work sanding and fixing it. Brogan did the sanding....he did a FANTASTIC job!

Austin took all the hardware off and fixed anything that needed fixing!

 Then it was time to paint! I used Krylon paint in a can. I planned on distressing it so I just wanted to make sure it had a good basic coverage. Once that was dry I went to town on it with sand paper. All the edges and anywhere I thought "normal" wear and tear would show.  When it was done I put poly acrylic over all of it.

And the results are..........................absolutely stunning!!!!!

 I am so in love with how this turned out. It was exactly what I wanted down here. It just makes everything look so much better.

 Now Ean has a wonderful area to play and watch TV while I sew. You can see my sewing table right next it. You can see that transformation here. Once again......Craigslist RULES!!!

PS: A very special thanks goes out to my lovely friend Jess D. Thank you for meeting me and helping me load this into my was fun...even if for the SECOND!!! time someone thought I was your mother!

PSS: I am linking this up with Beneath My Hearts best diy projects of june..check her out to see more spectacular stuff!
beneath my heart


amylouwhosews said...

it loooooooks UH-MAZING!!! SEriously! I love what paint can do to ugly craiglist brown. The only thing (in my humble blue-loving opinion) that would make this better is if it were aqua. :) Great work!! I'm going to start letting my kids help with the sanding part of my furniture makeovers! you are a genius!

Sue said...

Beautitful redo! You all did a great job!