Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A beautiful sewing table!

A while ago I was at work complaining about my lack of a good sewing table. The one I was using was a fold out table. A terrible table to use for sewing...the whole thing bounced when I got going fast....it also was dipping from all the pressure of my fabric cutting. Well one of my co-workers mentioned she had a table she could sell me. She was like "I don't know..you might not like it. Its 8ft long and has drawers all around it" What??? Are you serious?!? This sounded like the PERFECT table for me. So I bought it from her and it is perfect! I couldn't wait to get this baby home and "stylize" it!

Here is the table before. Notice that I couldn't even wait to get a good "before" picture before I started painting it! As you can see from the slots it holds four drawers on each side!!

Here are the "before" drawers.

 I wanted to do something totally different with this table. Something that would really make it stand out. I had just started using ModPodge (seriously how did I not know this stuff existed??? I love it!!!)  so I went to AC Moore and found a scrap book paper pack on clearance for $9.99.  I used 24 different papers out of the pack and modpodged them down. When it was all dry I put 2 coats of Poly Acrylic over everything. I absolutely, totally, irrevocably love the way this turned out!
 It looks so fabulous and all the colors keep it fun. I also used cutouts (thanks to my lovely friend Sandy) to highlight the drawer fronts. I still have to put the knobs I bought from Hobby Lobby on it but all in all it is exactly what I wanted.
It works perfect for all my sewing. The drawers are such an added bonus...they hold all my tools and whatnot's! Thank you Amanda for selling me my dream sewing table!

♥ Christina


Unknown said...

Awesome! Half the battle in sewing is having a large enough space. That table is perfect - cute too!

kacyd said...

What an awesome table!! I love the papers on top. I use a plastic folding table (I have a small codo, and I have to have something I can put away when needed) and I'm thinking about doing something similar - you've inspired to give it a go! BTW, I found you through the Beneath my Heart Link Party. Thanks!

My Cottage Charm said...

Howdy! :) Your comment on my laundry room made me giggle out loud...you most definitely can use it for your room if you wanna come hang out with me for while! lol :)
I wish all us bloggers lived near each other so we could all help each other out on projects, cause I would SO come over and help you make one too!
I LOVE your table..what a great find from a friend. I was also laughing out loud when I read about your table bouncing when you used it...I can totally relate! I tried to use a plastic fold out table one time and it bounced all over the place! :0) I use my dining room table now..I didn't have a dining room back then.
Hope you have a fantastic day!
Missy :)