Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A busy March

Whewww, last month was so busy for me and it doesnt look like the next 2 will be any calmer. Oh, well....makes life fun. So heres what I've been up to..............I did a craft show in the middle of March and did very well! I am very fortunate that my gorgeous best friend makes THE MOST amazing jewelry ever and go's to the same shows as me. It so helps to pass the time!

Here she is setting up......

All done....she seriously does amazing work!

Here was my side.  I didnt realize I got her butt in the photo....oops!
Also what I've been up to.....LOTS of sewing!

My cousin has 3 little girls.....unfortunately I have never met them. If they look anything like their momma then they are most likely beautiful to boot! She wanted bags for each of them and one for her for Easter. All matching. So this is what I came up with....I made each of the girls a little different.

This one has black binding and a black ribbon and zipper

White binding, zipper and a floral bow
blue binding, zipper and polka dot bow
and for the momma.....a combination of all 3....with pink binding and pink zipper and bow
I have done a ton more sewing.....if you want to see any of it go check out my Etsy shop.  Happy Easter!

♥ Christina


Stacy said...

My boys would both like wallets made by you!

Laurie said...

I LOVE your purses! You have such talent!