Monday, July 23, 2012

Gorgeous Nails!

Wow...its been a long time since I blogged. Life as always has been absolutely crazy. Summer is in full swing in my household. Meaning lots of pool parties, play dates and movies! My oldest son is playing football for the middle school this year and has work outs EVERY morning! Some days I feel as if all I do is run around...I think any mom out there would understand!  Today's post is about a great little secret ( its sold at almost any store so its not a REAL secret) but one that most women walk right by! I love,love, love having my nails done but I absolutely HATE paying for them. I keep myself on a tight budget and this is just one extravagance that I cant justify! So I just paint my own...what a spend a nice amount of time on your nails and within a day what happens????
This!!! EEEK..look how gross they look. Seriously this is only after 2 days!!!! I am trying so hard to grow my nails out and love to have them polished but this just makes me want to pick at them. UGH!
So I did what I always do and researched a better way...and this is what I found!
Sensationail gel polish kit that COMES with a LED Lamp!!  It has gotten 5 star reviews from everyone that has tried it. It sounded good so I went to my local Walmart and bought one. It is initially pricey at $49.98 but it will last at least 10 polish changes. So if you figure twice a month like at traditional salons then this will last you 5 months.

It comes with absolutely everything you need for perfect nails. The Lamp, plug in cord, cleanser, primer, gel nail polish (each kit contains only 1 color...additional colors can be purchased for 9.99) gel top coat, nail file, cleansing cloths and a cuticle pusher. The instructions are very easy to follow and overall it took me about 20 minutes to do all of my nails. This is from start to finish because once you are done...YOU ARE DONE! There is no drying time!!!
Here are just a few of the colors you can get...there are alot more!

 I did mine in my dining can't see on here but all 3 boys were enthralled with this light!

and VOILA! Perfect nails. Now please excuse my stubby ones....I am trying to grow them out! I had gel tips on and they made my nails so brittle and soft.

If you want something that you can do at home that is inexpensive and works then this is the thing for you. I am not getting paid for this endorsement...I just loved it so much I wanted to share it. Be the first to comment on here and I will send you a $2.00 dollar off coupon to try if for yourself!!!

♥ Christina

Ps: check back next week as I will be sharing my all time favorite make up secret...flawless foundation!!!

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Marcia Sandy said...

I would love to try that! Looks simple and quite frankly, I hate leaving my house LOL...this would be great and look forward to trying it :) (I bet my daughters would really enjoy it as well) thanks for the tip!