Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Resolution smesolution!

I don't like to make New Years Resolutions. Not that there aren't things I need to work on or do. I just don't like them because I always break them by the 2nd day! ALWAYS! My list this year was the same thing as last year and the same as the year before that.....well you get the point. So instead of a "New Years Resolution" I am now going to make it my to do that? I ALWAYS finish my to do really bugs me if I don't. I can be quite obsessive about getting things done in the time and the way that I want them done. My husband can attest to that! We will see if this works here are my "Top Ten Things To Do"

1. Bestow Happiness: I consider myself a happy person. I sooo do not take myself seriously, I like to kid around and just have fun. This past year I have allowed negative people who do not REALLY know me to judge me and bring me down. I have NEVER cared what the opinions of others are but where I have really dissapointed myself is I have not shown MORE happiness to those who are negative. I have basically written them off. That is not the RIGHT way to I will try to be more positive and more caring to those I dont like.

2. Enjoy the Day: I get so caught up in the bags I have to make or the house that I have to clean that there are days that pass by so quickly I completely miss them. I want to start taking the time to ENJOY the day and reflect.

3. Nourish My Soul: Somedays I feel like I am so far from being what God had intended. I NEED to make it a priority to make Him the priority!

4. Lose Weight: YADA YADA YADA!  Can I just forget this one?

5. Enrich My Boys: I want them to read alot more than they do and I want them to experience how wonderfully beautiful everyday is!

6. Seduce My Husband: Any married couple with children knows how hard it is to keep romance alive. It is the foundation for all that is wonderful in a marriage but it can be the one thing that is so easy to put on the back burner. I want dates and hugs and kisses and most of all I want the wonderful man the Lord chose to put in my life to know that he is all the world to me. I could not have asked for a better father to my children or a better provider!

7: Be A Better Friend: I have alot of friends....but out of those only a handful are what I call "my soul sisters" they stand beside me in times of stupidity, they recognize the person on the inside and most importantly they NEVER JUDGE!!! Everyone needs friends like that....and I want to make sure that I am that friend to them!

8: Practice Frugality: This should be easy to do as we are an extremely frugal couple, but there are always ways we can improve upon it.

9: Take Risks: I want to push the envelope of life and do things that are scary and challenging and hard. All for the purpose of saying " I did it!!!"

10: Do A Marathon: Okay this is sooooo not going to happen this year....but it's worth putting on here cause ya never know!

So what do ya think? Somethings will be easy, some will be hard but I think they are all pretty do-able. What's on YOURE to do list?


Anonymous said...

Great "to do list" Christine. LOL, I like your idea of not calling it resoltions.

I intend to do more things with our own family as well as with our extended family.

I also want to lose weight...yep, yadda yadda yadda here too. : )

I want to read through the Bible this year. I attempted last year, but didn't stick with it.

Theres lots more, but you don't need a novel of a post.

BumbleBee Bagz said...

Hey anonymous....I want to read the bible too, maybe we can help each other out!