Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A new room and a steal!!!

I have decided that I hate my bedroom. maybe hate is to strong a 'bout ...dislike. This is what my room looks like now. Its alright but its so totally not me. I DO NOT like purple, never have never will so it is beyond me how my room turned into Barneys play house. What I want is this.

I want this bed

and I want the room painted this color
with this bedding.
Now lets talk about this bedding. I absolutely love it. I saw it online for sale for oh...about $179.99. Yes that's right $179.99. Now do you think for one moment I would pay that for a bed set (OK so maybe I would but that's not really the point) no I wouldn't. So I just sighed and thought "Oh Well" (what I really did was pout and try to con the hubby into buying it) and I forgot about it. Well last Thursday the little man and I were bored and decided to go to the mall. Something that I SERIOUSLY never do. I hate the mall, never liked it as a teenager either. So little man and I parked by the Sears entrance something that once again I never do, if I have to go to the mall I always park by the food court. Don't know why...maybe it has something to do with Auntie Ann's Pretzels. Anyway it was pouring rain and we didn't want to get wet so that's why we parked there. We got inside Sears and was making a straight beeline for the door leading into the mall when.......WHAM!......little man got whip lash (no he really didn't, but I do sometimes forget not to stop the stroller on a dime because little man does fall forward) and there it was.....right in front of me. MY BED SET!!!! The one and only one I want. It was so beautiful and just called me to look at it. And that is when I saw it, the sale sticker and look what it said............
23 FREAKIN DOLLARS AND 97 CENTS!!!!!! OH YEAH BABY!!!!.......can you say all mine!!!


amylouwhosews said...

That is so awesome!!!! I Love it when stuff like that happens.

Please post pictures of the makeover!

Sue said...

Sometimes is just "pays" to wait. You did GOOD! Can't wait to see what your bedroom will look like all dressed up!

Cheryl said...

Aw man, I absolutely love it when a plan comes together in that way!!! Talk about the deal of a century. Way to go!