Thursday, March 12, 2009

New bags

I had an order for 3 bags from a sweet little lady. She is in love with her dog and wanted her pic on two of her bags. I really hope she likes how they turned out.

AND!!!!! I finally got my it not stunning! I am in total love. You have to click on the pic to see all the bling on it.

the wallet matches perfectly.....can I say how much I love my husband....he totally rocks!

and on a final hysterical is this.....its spider stickers

this boy just makes me laugh!!!


Laurie said...

Your purses are awesome! I love your choice of fabrics, and the pictures look adorable!
I haven't started my quilt yet, I bought the fabric but have to finish up my OWOH first. I'm ready to go!

trisha too said...

those bags are CUTE, she'll love them for sure.

FINALLY got the BEAUTIFUL bag you sent me posted--it's so cute, I just like to look at it.

You're new blingy bag is cute and all, but I like my new bumblebee bag better!

Anonymous said...

Love the purse! And he is too cute!! That pic needs to be framed!

Sue said...

Love the bags you made! You did a great job of incorporating her little yapper! Love yours, too. It's funny; I love to hear jingleing and can see yours jingles! I put a jingly key-chain on the key fob you made for me and it's pretty and makes nice tinkly noises!