Wednesday, February 25, 2009


We are all finally feeling better (I hope like hell I didn't just jinx myself) and I can finally put up some long overdue pics.....

the first one is of the wonderful Trisha's trade......

these are the collages I traded her a bag for. They look AWESOME in the boys room. I am seriously considering getting her to do a big one for me. I love them...she even used scrabble letters to spell out the sport that went with the pics. Click on it to make it bigger and look at how cool they are. I love ya Trisha...your work is amazing!

the next one is of Brogan....and his trophy.

the weekend that everyone got sick was the Wrestling Tournament. I was there up until the little one started to do the projectile vomiting thing ( can I just tell you that a grown man that was sitting next to us got up and RAN! I mean really... can you believe it....was a wuss...oh well, we ladies know who's REALLY the stronger sex) anyway.....he won 3rd out of his whole division. Not bad for his first year!

aaannnndd.....I finally got all my material for the wall hanging. I will be putting up the first post on how to cut all your pieces on Friday. I have to cut mine first and take pics and yadayadayada!



Pamela said...

Glad you're feeling better. And I know about the projectile vomiting. The first time one of mine did that, all I could do was stare because it was unlike anything I've ever seen before in my life. So gross.

Sue said...

What a nice swap! Love the pics of the boys, too!