Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Cleanin' Up!

My sewing area is a mess. Well it used to be anyway. On Saturday I took big boy to his football game ( end score 21-7 WAY TO GO BULLDOGS! ) and on the way I spied this little beauty. It was instant love...and for 15$ it was mine!

I brought her home and gave her some TLC. I ripped out the old shelving and replaced the UGLY white handles with prettier ones.

this was the shelving......UGH!

Then since I was feeling so adventurous I tackled this.....I mean really.....how can I yell at my boys about their room when my sewing area looks like this?
look at her now. Ain't she lovely!

I organized all my tools and put all my odds and ends in jars. I even hung up my embroidery hoops on the other side.

so neat......so organized
I hope I can keep it looking this way!

I'm sure my husband hopes so too :)


amylouwhosews said...

I LOVE it! The glass door is great. The thrifting muses were singing your song!

Sue said...

You did a great job! Everything looks so neat and organized. How 'bout coming over to my house and fixing my sewing area mess? I'll even give you a hand...

Natalie Jane said...

That looks great! Don't you love getting organized?

Anonymous said...

You did a fantastic job-it look so organized. And I'm totally jealous of your find.

Cheryl said...

woo hoo, blogger is being nice to me today, so I can comment on your post!
I love that cabinet that you picked up for a steal of a price. So nice. Love your sewing area too. Since we have moved out west, I don't have a sewing area anymore. My sewing area is the dining room, but that's okay as long as I get to sew, right?