Monday, June 30, 2008

Celtic Games

We went to the Celtic Fling on Saturday at the Pennsylvania Renaissance Fair. It was sooo much fun! The band Albannach was there, they are absolutely amazing. Go to their site and listen to wont regret it.

We got to watch some of the Highlander Games... The boys got to dress up and fight each other with swords. Do you think they had fun?

Sorry the video is so crappy, it was off my phone.

We then went to this great little ice cream shop called Jiggers in Mt. Gretna.

The boys loved the atmosphere, and of course the ice cream.

This was was a root beer float...yummmm!

And ladies please don't be jealous of where we went next...I know it is every woman's dream to go there, and I DID think of you all as I went in...................

can you smell it? and last but not least.....MY two little chocolate workers!


Cheryl said...

Hey Christine!
I am still offline. still borrowing my daughters laptop to surf. My internet is screwed up on my computer. Hopefully my hubby will be able to fix it this weekend and i can post some pics of the garden and some goodies i been working on.
Love the pics....especially the chocolate world sign. LOL, you must of had fun there.
Enjoy your day with your littles!

Sue said...

What a great day! Did you happen to see women walking around in hmmm.. bosomy dresses eating turkey legs? That stands out in my memory the last time we went to the RF! I have to say though, Chocolate World would be the highlight for me! But I don't know... that Root Beer Float looked awfully good, too!

Anonymous said...

What fun we went to a Renaissance Festival not to long ago. Wish I had a float right now-that looks good!

Lynette Anderson said...

Chocolate World, hey I need to come and visit, sounds like heaven!