Monday, March 31, 2008

creative little daisy Ive been looking at all these other blogs with these amazing crafty women and Im hoping mine looks a little like theirs. I dont know..I dont know if anyone actually reads mine, Im not sure how to get comments and spread the word. My favorite blog so far is "creative little daisy" she has so made so many beautiful keeps me inspired.


Sue said...

O.K., I know what you mean... how do you get people to look at your blog? I don't know, but I sure enjoyed looking at yours. I'll be back to visit again!

Anonymous said...

Hey Christina!
I figured the way to up the traffic on my blog would be to comment on other peoples blogs. Looks like it's working for you. You commented on mine and here I am at yours.
Love your rag rugs. Very cool. Did you use a tutorial to make them?
Also, love how you have decorated your home. : )
Can you share whereabouts in Kutztown the fabric store is that you went to. I will be moving back to PA later this year and definitely want to stop by that store.
Maybe we can get together and have lunch.
Take care

Anonymous said...

If you love creative little daisy's blog you will love soulemamas blog. Talk about creativity. They both are very inspiring.
I have her on my sidebar at my blog. Give it a click and have fun surfing her blog