Sunday, December 6, 2009

I'm going on a trip

Next Saturday I'm going to good ole' NYC. I am so damn excited. I have NEVER been there. I've been at the airport more than a few times but never downtown NY.  The VERY FIRST place I want to go is.........

this is THE fabric store of Project Runway (my all time favorite show).  Maybe....just maybe Tim Gunn will be there!

and of course I want my picture taken with him. JUST BECAUSE!!!!!
Did I say how excited I was? Anyone else have some ideas of great places to visit in NY!


Cheryl said...

So excited for you. We have been there a couple of times and it's so surreal to be right there in Times Square. Very much sensory overload, but I loved it! If you have the time and the money, you have to take in a Broadway show. Both times we were in town they didn't have the statue of liberty open due to 9/11. I think that would be a great site to see; as well as the empire state building. I would love to head to their garment district and check out all those fabric stores. My daughter and I would love that. Enjoy your trip and have fun!!

1 said...

Good for You!
Happy to have you and the holiday season is the very best time to visit. I'll offer you an early "Xmas present" with this tip:

Gunn will be lunching with Liz Smith (Do you know that columnist? Used to do a gossip blurb for the NY Post?) on the 16th at Le Cirque restaurant.(friend won the auction)

Liz mentions it here:

Your chances of meeting him will be about 1,000 percent better if you know EXACTLY where he is! Lol!
I'd go and wait around outside (probably with a few others who are there for the same reason)if you can't get a reservation that is, heh-heh :)

Perfect time for a photo and an autograph.
He'll be in a charitable mood - instead of the store Mood.(clever right? How I worked that in there?...)

Don't forget your camera because the tree this year is the best one in decades! Really. And since you'll be at the tree (you will right?) Rockefeller Center, which is lovely inside with marble and carved murals, has the "Top of The Rock" elevator ride to the top where the old Rainbow Room used to be. Good if you can't make it to the Empire St Bldg and want to enjoy an amazing night time view.
***Try and email or work in time to wait for Stand By tickets for The Colbert Report, John Stewart, Jimmy Falon, etc... so you can see a network show live, plus whatever star that's on that night and also snag a t-shirt or mug or something for free. The studios are surprisingly small, intimate even, especially compared to Broadway Theaters. Broadway is just plain AMAZING.
I've blabbed on long enough, "no worries" about meeting Tim that way, ever the consummate gentleman he adores his fans.
Have a great time : )

Sue said...

You have to have your pic taken in front of Macy's window! FAO Schwartz is a treat (what a store!) and a buggy ride through Central Park (think ice skating) would be fun, too!