Thursday, February 19, 2009

Tough Boys

My boys are amazing. Twice this week they have brought me to tears. My middle one Brogan was acting up one night complaining about his chores. I got fed up so I said "I dont think you love me your always complaining when I ask you to do things" he go so upset and said "how can you say that....when you had Ean and cried....I cried with you!" he was in the room with me when I delivered Ean. What can you say to that?!

My oldest who turns 10 in April, told me today "Mom you will never have to worry about anything...because when I get old I will always take care of you and if my wife doesnt like it then I will kick her out! have you ever laughed and cried at the same time? Man I love them boys.

I have pics I will post soon. Trish sent me THE MOST amazing collages for my boys room. When I can get the time to take a pic I will. Hopefully this weekend!


Pamela said...

aren't boys the best? i mean, of course i love my daughter, but those fellas are such little lovers i can't even stand it.
/ run-on sentence

Sue said...

Awwww...ya gotta love them boys!