Wednesday, May 7, 2008

blind pig and an acorn

If you have bluegrass in your soul and your heart cries out for the sound of dixie, then I have found the blog for you. Its called blindpigandtheacorn. I have been reading her blogs and have alternated between laughing and crying, she writes about all the wonderful memories we have as children, in times that were simpler. Remember the days of eating around the table, of playing outside til dark with ALL the neighborhood kids, of being poor but never really realizing it. I remember when as a kid you didnt dare not say "yes maam" or "yes sir" to ANY adult, when the paddle was the only disciplinarian in the house and every kid knew where it was hanging, and how bad it hurt. The music on her site calls to my soul, I hear it and dream of the country and of the beauty of the days gone by.


Anonymous said...

You are so NICE!! Thank you so much for saying such nice things about me-and you said them in a perfect way that fit me-times gone by are so important to our future. I really beleive that! Yesterday you made my day-now you have made my week, month, year!!

Emily Cole said...

AMEN - I love her site, and the music is heavenly for sure! I remember playing outside in the summer with all of the neighborhood kids - the rule was we had to come home when the streetlights came on. Thanks for the encouragement on the second star block... I'm going to re-cut it and try again from scratch!